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Montreal Canadiens, realermall.com, Storage Bin Pink
The Colorado Avalanche got back to the top of the NHL regular season last year, winning the President’s Trophy for the second time in eight years. But can the team repeat again?Montreal Canadiens

This is only the fifth offer sheet that has been signed in the NHL since 2010, following Niklas Hjalmarsson, Shea Weber, Ryan O'Reilly, and Aho. All of those were matched. The last time an offer sheet was actually successful was was Dustin Penner going from Anaheim to Edmonton in 2007, resulting in the Oilers surrendering a first, second, and third round picks as compensation. That is the only successful offer sheet in the salary cap era.

Although the key dates have shifted, the goal of free agency has not: GMs around the NHL hope to land the game-changing veteran who can boost their contention status or bolster their core with the glue that builds championships.Anaheim Ducks


Grade: D. It's wild to think that the Penguins were a first-place team in the East Division last season (.688 points percentage) before being ousted by the Islanders in the first round. They weren't great to begin with, and now they've gotten worse. Tanev and McCann were effective forwards that'll be missed. Ceci defied expectations last season, and now he's in Edmonton. The Penguins wanted to get more physical. They didn't. They wanted to get more quality depth. They didn't. Their goaltending is still suspect since they decided not to dabble in nostalgia with a run at Marc-Andre Fleury.Toronto Maple Leafs


Storage Bin Pink

The next step is implementation. The curriculum is expected to be introduced in some schools this year. Severson said it’s not a requirement for teachers in his district to use it but he's suggesting they find a couple of weeks -- probably in winter -- to add floor hockey to the educational programing.

4. Gerard Gallant, New York Rangers. He has the most pressure on him among the new coaches because the Rangers have such high expectations this season, but he is also the most proven and best coach of the bunch.Colorado Avalanche

• The St. Louis Blues signed first-round pick Zach Bolduc to an entry-level contract. [St. Louis Blues]

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