Pallet Box service
Plastic pallet boxes is also called plastic turnover boxes, injection turnover boxes or logistics turnover boxes, are widely used in a wide range of industries for a wide range of industry logistics tools;
In general, the classification of plastic pallets can be divided according to the shape, according to the performance points and according to whether there is a box cover. According to the shape, it can be divided into: standard type, oblique insertion type and misalignment type. According to the performance points can be divided into: anti-static and non-anti-static according to the box cover can be divided into: can be flipped and can be flat cover here mainly talk about the standard according to the shape of the standard: at present, the most common application All are standard plastic crates.
It can be stacked, whether it has a matching lid or no lid, which affects the flexible stacking of the upper and lower cabinets or multiple cabinets. Diagonal insertion type: The characteristic of the oblique insertion type tote box is to reduce the volume of the storage in the empty box, and also the cost of returning to and from the turnaround. When this turnover box is stacked, it must be used at the same time.Pallet Box service

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