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Bulk Fitness Accessories
8 PCS Grip handle set (pull down handle)
Item name8 PCS Grip handle set (pull down handle)
FunctionBack exercise锛宑able attachment
The handle is light and easy to carry. It is a universal cable accessory for gyms: it can be used with various weight lifting equipment, such as cable machines, home fitness systems.
鈼?This triceps press bar can be connected to home gym, Smith machine, etc. Increase the quality of the upper body by incorporating this barbell into your strength training plan. It is ideal for developing triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abdomen and improving grip strength.
鈼?This handle Made of top materials, strong steel structure, and high-quality welds. Comfortable knurled rubber handles can achieve tight or wide grip curls and triceps pressing, perfect control and balance. The most likely arm development. The angle on this bar is designed for peak biceps and triceps contraction.
鈼?Rotation: 360-degree full swivel joint makes this product very suitable for turning or sports that require additional angles. In addition, it can also be used to push the muscles around the elbows, wrists, back and shoulders.Bulk Fitness Accessories

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